Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ready To Charge

The green light on the EVSE says "Ready to Charge".  The only thing missing is the BMW Active E on the other end.  My dealer, BMW of Sudbury, MA says, "Sometime this month!"  So we wait patiently for the new adventure to start.   

In the meantime, the old adventure is winding down.  I have had a Prius II since the beginning in 2004.  Back then, I waited 9 months to get my hands on, arguably, the best hybrid technology available.  150K miles later I still get a kick out of hearing the engine shutdown while going 75 down the highway and I can still squeeze 55 MPG out of a tank full, if I pay attention.

Unfortunately, I won't get to put nearly that much mileage on the Active E in 2 short years.  Maybe we should start a Twitter petition now:  #LetMeBuyMyActiveE.

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